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Surviving Menopause

Menopause represents the end stage of a natural transition in a woman's reproductive life. It isn't for being scared, everybody survives menopause. Surviving menopause is easy if you understand menopause. It is the point at which estrogen and progesterone production decreases permanently to very low levels. In Menopause the ovaries stop producing eggs and a woman is no longer fertile.

On average, menopause, also known as the "change of life", occurs by the age of 51 and can be confirmed by 12 following months without menstruation. Contrary to popular use, the term menopause does not refer to the process of hormonal change that results in the end of menstruation and fertility. Rather than this, menopause is the end state of that process, the permanent cessation of a woman's menstrual period. The symptoms for which surviving menopause is known are actually part of perimenopause, the transitional stage between premenopause and menopause.

Surviving menopause is not difficult, once the event of menopause has occurred,
a woman is said to be in postmenopause.

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