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Can Premenopause Symptoms be Treated Effectively?

Can Premenopause Symptoms be Treated Effectively?

Premenopause characteristically is the most challenging phase women undergo as there are an array stages within the first stage!! As said before, not all women undergo these stages and not all personal records are the same for women in premenopause, and they can undergo many degrees of it.

It is how they live with these changes that make a difference, as they embark on menopause that can help with the immersion of this challenge in life. Undergoing menopause has shown to be a one of a kind adventure for every woman from all cultures who all have their own fixes of going through the change.

Premenopause Symptoms
  • Hot Flashes
  • Decreased sex drive- this occurs mainly due to
    psychological issues
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Breast sensitivity
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Mood swings
  • Night sweats
  • Sleeping problems
  • Bladder problems
most common premenopause symptoms
All of the above are the most normal and frequent problems conveyed by most women, experiencing premenopause.

Premenopause is the stage when after 12 months you have not had your normal period and these above mentioned ailments usually start emerging after the year your menstrual cycle has concluded. It commonly lasts for about 4 years, but it differs for each woman and can last up to 10 years or in as less as a few months.

Premenopause solutions

If you donít want to be worried with traditional methods you can always opt for the alternative solutions instead. This includes:
  • A change in diet- soy food has proven to alleviate the symptoms even completely, as studies conducted in the East show that Japanese women hardly ever report to have suffered from pre menopausal symptoms.
  • Regular exercise or new exercise regime- we not saying to push your body to the extreme with rigorous work outs. Rather choose a work out plan that can fit into your life style and one you feel comfortable with such as yoga.
  • Do go for regular check ups at your doctor- regular visit to your doctor during and after menopause is essential as after menopause women have a higher increase in getting cancer and osteoporosis as the body become more fragile from the lack of estrogen produced. Going to the doctor helps as they would be able to locate or detect any important problems that could be serious.
  • Cut back on caffeine, cigarettes, and stressful activities as these only look to enhance the symptoms of premenopausal stress.
If these do not work for you and you are not getting better, maybe medical assistance could be the answer. There is an array of solutions out there, so be well informed and seek advice with the professional and your doctor first before taking them. These include:
  • Various forms of HRT-HRT is only used for extreme cases of menopausal symptoms and can have severe side effects if the incorrect dosage is not given.
  • Estrogenic supplements- these can come in the form of birth control pills or other forms of contraceptive medications. These treatments help replace or increase low estrogen production during menopause.
  • Anti-depressants-these should only be prescribed if the physiological change and symptoms affect your mental state to a level where it affects your life that it becomes unbearable. Otherwise therapy should be the first step to take or you can join a support group.
  • Herbal remedies- herbal remedies can be a good option, but itís advisable you be well informed of any of them before taking them. Consult a herbalist, doctor or professional on how various herbs can work for you. Just because they are labeled natural, does not mean its safe. Herbal medicines can also have severe side effects just as laboratory controlled medication.
Consulting your doctor is the first step to undergo to treat premenopause symptoms. Even though this is a natural phase in a womanís life, you can still control the symptoms which affect your current lifestyle negatively.

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